Tuesday, April 23, 2013

NIAW 2013

Hey, ladies! I just wanted to say that I am thinking of all of you during National Infertility Awareness Week! It is a week that I am sure none of us wish we knew about, but here we are.

Last year at this time I was listening to my Circle + Bloom CDs every night and playing the waiting game as we approached June, the month of my scheduled laparoscopy. I will never forget how I felt and I will continue to have an open and understanding ear for anyone struggling to have a baby. Truth be told, I am terrified that if I ever try to become pregnant again, I am going to find myself in the same spot I was in during the years we waited for our daughter. So much uncertainty and so much sadness and pain. We are extremely blessed (beyond blessed, even!) to have her and I have been shocked by the way that infertility still affects the way I think and feel about many things.

I know that not all of you have strong faith, but I still pray this every night and mention many of you by name in petitions. I had been searching and searching for prayers for infertile couples and my Mom gave this prayer card to me without even knowing that I had been looking. I remember that feeling alone and isolated was one of the hardest parts and I am so thankful to this community for so much support and understanding! During this NIAW week, I hope that you all have some real life support in addition to this amazing online sisterhood as you journey towards expanding your families.

Almighty God, Author of Life,
your servant,
St. Gerard Majella,
practiced love of you
and love of others
in an extraordinary way.
Through his powerful intercession,
grant the gift of life to couples
who need your help.
Protect the unborn and 
assist mothers-to-be.
May children,
especially those in the womb
and the most vulnerable,
be a sign of your unfailing love.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

3 Months (and 2 Months!)

Felicia at 2 months:
At 2 months Felicia...
*weighs 12lb 1oz
*measures 23.5 inches in length
*smiles and coos
*loves to cuddle and to be sung to (and sometimes sings along!)
*is happiest in the morning 

*adores her papa


Felicia at 3 months:
At 3 months, Felicia:
* loves to play with her toys
* drools A LOT
* smiles and talks 
* wants to stand 
* sings along to the ABCs (in her own words)