Wednesday, May 29, 2013

4 months

Felicia at 4 months:
At 4 months, Felicia:
* is 75th %ile for weight (15 lb 1oz) and height (25.75 in)
* loves to sit up (on the couch, in her chair, in the bumbo)
* laughs and giggles a lot!
* calms down when Papa sings "Mahna Mahna" and when Mom sings "ABCs" and "Ponyo" theme
* wakes ready to play and talk in the morning!
* sleeps for 5-6 hour stretches (most) nights
* rolls from tummy to back
* likes to ride in the Moby and Mei Tai while mom 
cooks, cleans, draws, grocery shops
*LOVES the outdoors for walks and just exploring new sights and sounds (laughs at birds chirping in the trees)
* is learning to be gentle when touching people's hair and petting animals
* Favorite book: "Goodnight Moon"

I am working on a couple of new posts at the moment! Hope to be a more active blogger again soon :)