Wednesday, July 31, 2013

New endeavor: Own Less, Live More

I started another blog. I'll still be here, but this is another part of our lives. My husband and I both come from families that have trouble getting rid of things (i.e. my dad was the guy with 20 years' worth of National Geographic magazines stowed in cabinets in the garage when my family moved in 2000 and, yes, we boxed those suckers up and moved them to our new residence. Cray cray!) and we are getting really bogged down by our constant state of disarray. Take 2 people with too much stuff living in a 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom urban apartment and add in a sweet bundle of joy who, now at six months, may start crawling at any moment and what do you get? Chaos. Anxiety. The want and need to simplify our living space so we can live and enjoy our time at home. I am hoping that when the time comes and we move into a house, we won't have any junk! A girl can dream, right?

So, my friends, I present to you Own Less, Live More.