Our Journey So Far

September 1999: We meet on the first day of high school when assigned to sit at the same table in Algebra II.

March 2001: The Bee asks me to the junior prom!
May 2001: We start 'officially' dating.

September 2002-May 2006: We attend the same college and continue to date.

May 2006: The Bee proposes and I say, "Yes!"
Summer 2006: We learn the Creighton Model FertilityCare System. I begin charting my cycles to get a hang of everything before we are married.

August 2007: We get married!
August 2007-July 2010: We follow the Creighton Model FertilityCare System instructions to avoid pregnancy. I have regular 27-29 day cycles.

May 2010: I am diagnosed with IBS after months of stomach pain and tummy troubles. I tell my doctor that we are planning on trying to conceive starting in August and she responds with, "Everything looks good, have fun!"
August 2010: We begin trying to start a family! We think it will come easily since we have been charting cycles since 2006 and can identify the "peak days of fertility"

August 2011: Still not pregnant, I go to my doctor. She tells me to chart my basal body temperature for 3 months and then give her a call.
November 2011: My doctor orders some blood tests and a pelvic ultrasound. They find that my hormone levels are great, except that my prolactin level is a touch elevated. They order an MRI to check my pituitary gland to rule out a tumor causing the high prolactin. The MRI comes back normal.
December 2011: Pelvic ultrasound reveals that my uterus looks normal but both of my ovaries have cysts (2 on the right, three on the left). I am told this could mean I have PCOS and that my next step is to see a gynecologist at a fertility clinic. We go to our first appointment at the fertility clinic and Dr. D tests my levels of FSH, LH, prolactin, estrogen and androgens. All blood work comes back normal except for this time my DHEAS (a precursor to testosterone) is a little elevated, which could be a sign of PCOS. I am told to start using OPKs and that I do NOT HAVE TO BBT CHART EVER AGAIN!

January 2012: Follicle ultrasound on CD 10 finds endometriosis on my left ovary as well as one mature follicle on my right ovary. I don't get any + OPKs, though, so we have a second follicle ultrasound on CD 16. This ultrasound finds 3 chocolate cysts, endometriosis on my RIGHT ovary and no conclusive evidence that ovulation occurred. A progesterone test confirms that ovulation likely did not occur. Dr. D wants me to set up a surgical consult to discuss laparoscopic surgery to diagnose and treat endometriosis. In the meantime, The Bee's SA comes back great so we know we are dealing only with my body's issues. At the surgical consult, Dr. D is optimistic about our chances of success after laparoscopic surgery. She recommends that sometime within 6-9 months of having the surgery we try Clomid (in case PCOS is present). Dr. D supports our decision to wait until June 2012 to move forward with the surgery.
February 2012-May 2012: We are charting using the Creighton Model but are trying not to stress. I am eating a gluten free diet and have given up coffee/caffeinated tea in hopes of naturally limiting the effects of my endometriosis. These changes have resolved my IBS which was probably really endometriosis all along. A laparoscopy will be scheduled in June to diagnose and treat my endometriosis. We are biding our time until the surgery and trying to remain optimistic that there is always a chance we could get a surprise blessing:)
May 2012: On May 5, I took a pregnancy test and was shocked to get a positive! May 8, I had blood drawn to check hCG and progesterone levels (hCG = 4115 and progesterone = 15.6). May 11, I started taking progesterone supplements. We are hoping and praying that this will be a healthy pregnancy and that we'll be lucky enough to bring home a baby in January 2013.
June 2012:  June 6 - We had our first pregnancy ultrasound. We decided to call our baby "Ponyo" until they are born (much cuter and humanizing than "it," "baby," or "the baby"). Ponyo measured right on track at 8w4d and his/her heartbeat was measured at 198bpm and then later at 189bpm. June 13 - We had blood work done and a second ultrasound. Ponyo measured 9w6d and had a good heartbeat again. Blood work came back with good results. I have to continue progesterone supplements until I reach my second trimester (at that time the placenta should take over progesterone production). We had a spotting scare on June 19 (10w3d). Thankfully my doctor was not concerned about the spotting and it resolved itself over the next 48 hours.
July 2012: July 11 - We got to hear Ponyo's heartbeat for the first time! We had seen the heartbeat twice on ultrasound, but Ponyo was still too small to listen in on at those points. Dr. D found it fairly quickly and it was strong at 158/160-ish beats per minute.
August 2012: August 8 - We heard Ponyo's heartbeat again. Strong at 155/156 beats per minute. I think I have felt a few flutters but am not sure because they are so light and infrequent. August 21 - I felt Ponyo kick my hand for the first time while at the dentist (laying still and tipped back in the dentist chair)!
September 2012:  Sept 12 - We found out that Ponyo is a little girl! Her heart rate was measured at 162 beats per minute (which was probably caused by her activity level). She measured at the 46th percentile, so right on track. At 22 weeks, 4 days she weighed about 1lb 4oz already.
October 2012: Oct 10 - follow up ultrasound and glucose screening, Oct 25 - Ponyo starting kicking my bladder which resulted in an appointment to check for a ruptured membrane. Thankfully, we just have a little trickster on our hands!
November 2012: Nov 7- Found out that I got my iron up through dietary changes! Yay!
Nov 21- Told that I am measuring small. Scheduled a growth scan to check on Ponyo and fluid levels.
Nov 29- Growth scan
December 2012: December 5- My blood pressure was good (108/62) and Ponyo's heartbeat was strong at 140bpm. I was thankful for an uneventful appointment!
December 21 Ultrasound at 36weeks, 6 days. Tomorrow I will be considered full term!
December 26 37 weeks, 4 days: 50% effaced, 1cm dilated

January 2013:
January 2
January 9
January 12: Expected due date
January 16